Welcome to GVSD Special Needs Student Transportation

Students currently receiving 2023-24 Transportation are eligible to apply for continued service to the same school for 2024-25, regardless of catchment.  If transitioning to a middle or high school, students should be attending their English catchment schoolIf this is not the case, please email Transportation: Transportation@sd61.bc.ca


Please carefully fill out the Medical Info section of the application form (no medical info required for BC Transit pass application).


Families requesting busing for after school care/respite should enter this information in the alternate address request boxes (found under Routing/Scheduling Information).  If your child resides at two addresses, select both parents living apart in the Student Information section, and fill in the requested information.

To check your catchment school:  School Locator

Eligibility for service will be reviewed/decided by a District Administrator.

If you require assistance when applying for Transportation, please contact:  Transportation@sd61.bc.ca